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I created this mala with a Super 7 Meru bead, rutilated quartz at the number 11 bead, kyanite ay the number 22 bead, and tanzanite at the number 33 bead. These are the master numbers.

Rutilated quartz is the crystal of curiosity, charisma, and illumination.

Kyanite aligns the entire system and therefore is a great aid in manifesting rituals.

Tanzanite elevates your consciousness and connects you to the realm of angels. This imparts universal love and an awareness of our responsibility towards human kind. Aligning our attitude towards kindness, goodwill, and inclusivity.

The rest of the mala is a rich dark chocolate colored wood. Grounding and connecting us to the warmth and wisdom of mother Gaia.

Master number mala with super 7, rutilated quartz, kyanite, and tanzanite

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